I offer child and infant CPR and choking workshops and CPR/AED (Automated External Defibrillator) awareness training for communities at a minimum cost in the local area. I can come to your community to run awareness training in any aspect of first aid, please contact me to find out more.


CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Awareness

When suffering a cardiac arrest, with every minute that passes the chance of survival is reduced by 10% - 12%. When living in rural areas it is especially important for communities to act together and provide life saving treatment before the arrival of the paramedics.

AED's are designed to be used by anyone, and they can massively increase the chance of survival for a cardiac arrest victim. However, without good quality resuscitation the casualty has very little chance of surviving with just an AED. This 2 hour awareness session focuses on;


Calling the emergency services

  • The chain of survival
  • Primary assessment
  • Recovery position
  • Resuscitation
  • Problems encountered with CPR
  • Safe use of an AED

Approximately 2 hours
Certificates available on request.

Suggested additional session for a 4 hour workshop

  • Contents of a first aid kit
  • Choking
  • Bandaging
  • Burns
  • Fractures

Please contact me for prices and to design a session to suit your communities needs.

Infant and Child Choking and CPR Workshop

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, baby sitter or friend. Would you know what to do when a child starts choking?
I can come to your home, business or community to run a 2 hour choking and CPR workshop, training you to save a life.


In this workshop I will cover;

  • Infant and child choking procedures
  • Calling the emergency services
  • Primary assessment
  • Recovery position
  • Infant and child resuscitation procedures

Approximately 2 hours

Winter dates to be announced later in the year, keep an eye on this page for updates or 'like' my Facebook page to stay up to date on everything I can offer.

Please contact me for prices and to design a session to suit your needs.